£340 Standing:80 Seated (Tables):40  Mtr sq:54
£600 Standing:230   Seated (Tables):100  Mtr sq:120
£650 Standing:230   Seated (Tables):140  Mtr sq:144
£800 Standing:290   Seated (Tables):160  Mtr sq:168
£300 Standing:60  Seated (Tables):30  Mtr sq:36
£900 Standing:350   Seated (Tables):180  Mtr sq:192
£450 Standing:100   Seated (Tables):60  Mtr sq:72
£450 Standing:130   Seated (Tables):90  Mtr sq:81
£643 Standing:240   Seated (Tables):150   Mtr sq:135
£737 Standing:288   Seated (Tables):190   Mtr sq:162
£831 Standing:336   Seated (Tables):210   Mtr sq:189
£925  Standing:360   Seated (Tables):280   Mtr sq:216
£1,019 Standing:405   Seated (Tables):320   Mtr sq:243
£1,113 Standing:450   Seated (Tables):350 Mtr sq:270
£410 Standing:120  Seated (Tables):80  Mtr sq:72
From £9 per sqm a month   

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